We give £5 to charities for every drivers’ medical we do. We support charities working both here in the UK and abroad.

We regularly support Caring for Life, a Christian charity supporting underprivileged young people in Britain, and have contributed to organisations helping with social and educational work in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Malawi. In the past, we have supported communities affected by the tsunami in Asia.

We help an organisation which supports people living on the streets in the Philippines by creating useful employment opportunities, and have supported Morning Star, a residential and day-care centre in South Africa which cares for children dying of AIDS.

Remember that by coming to Cotswold Medicals you are not only coming to one of the most well-established and cheapest UK-wide network of drivers’ clinics but you are also supporting people in need around the world.

I am sure your drivers will be delighted to know that whilst having an essential medical exam they are also contributing to a good cause! Thank you from all the staff and young people at Caring for Life.